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Global Silicone Rubber Business and Technology Conference by Elkem Silicones
Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限公司 Date: 2019-05-23

On May 6-10, the 1st Global Silicone Rubber Business and Technology Conference organized by Elkem Xinghuo Silicones was held in China. Attendees made field survey on Beijing Research & Development Center, Elkem Xinghuo Silicones and shanghai Plant of Elkem Silicones, promptly shared market information, market strategies and project information of regions across the world, and discussed and exchanged opinions on coordination of organizational structure of global supply chain, customer management and future planning, aiming to embrace the future globalized market with a unified brand image.

Centered on the strategic goal of building Elkem Silicones into the top leader in the international silicon industry, the Global Silicones Business Unit is proactively carrying out all-round integration and giving full play to the global potential of the new Elkem Silicones on the mutual respect and trust principle and in an enthusiastic attitude. The Business Unit has made a TOP5 list (top 5 matters) to provide more valuable services for customers. Meanwhile, it has made annual operation plan (AOP) and strategic plan for global and local layout. This not only lays a solid foundation for increasing the share in the global silicon rubber market but also is of great significance to the achievement of the strategic plan for five-year global development of Elkem Silicones.

With the focus on three tasks (upstream technology improvement, downstream product R&D and efficient utilization of byproducts) in recent years, Elkem Xinghuo Silicones has implemented the strategic plan featuring "green, global, intelligent, intensive and sustainable" and broken facility bottlenecks and made breakthroughs in advantageous products through strategic layout and steady progress.

Zhang Lijun, Vice President and Asia Pacific Director of Elkem Silicones and General Manager of Elkem Xinghuo Silicones said that "Good products are released to meet current challenge. However, to address the globalization challenge, R&D investment should be increased and efforts should be concentrated on enhancing technical strength." The Company launches about 70 new products every year. 107 glue, sealant, mixing compound, liquid glue, silicone oil, emulsion and other products enjoy an increasing influence in China. Of them, six have taken shares of more than 20% and been exported to Europe and U.S. This is thanks to the internationalization concept and innovative marketing method of Elkem.

Elkem Xinghuo Silicones is vigorously cooperating with Elkem Silicones on the global integration strategy and taken the lead in completing market team globalization. It will successively integrate functional departments (such as R&D, finance and sale) to promote internationalized development.

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